Represent: Toronto!

Let's talk about a few local Filipino publications in Toronto, shall we?

What's the local news? Well, chances are - someone's Lola turned 80-something, someone got married, someone had a bigger Debut than said wedding, Jon Jon's basketball team won & for some reason, everyone's favourite television "loveteam" is on the front cover. I honestly can't help but feel like I'm flipping through someone else's family photo album... sponsored by my "Tito Real Estate" & "Tita Dentista".

How 'bout we play a little game of "Hoy, they're Filipino!" along with "Hey, they're from Toronto, too!" Here are some recent newsworthy tidbits on Filipino Torontonians you may or may not have heard about! (CLICK on the links & find out more about these amazing young folks who are doin' it & doin' it & doin' it well!)


April Aliermo of Hooded Fang featured in the Toronto Star & BlogTO along with Santa Guerilla!

Mannie Serranilla of Airplane Boys featured in the latest issue of OTMzine!


Jarrell Griarte VP & Co-Founder of Lucky Student also featured in the latest issue of OTMzine!


Paolo Roldan "The first Filipino Male Supermodel" as the new face of Givenchy! (Medyo old news pero still relevant.)


Maylee Todd (aka CBC Radio 3's Sexiest Artist) & Leilanni Todd featured in the premiere issue of Perfecto Mag! Which also showcases the work of fashion photographer Karen Roze!

Now, I'm not saying I don't enjoy reading local Filipino newspapers. I do! It makes me miss my family, reminds me of how lucky I am to be living in Canada & at times, it makes me hungry.

But with a community so large & so diverse, I have yet to come across a Filipino-Canadian publication that speaks specifically to someone like me. Or perhaps, I'm just bitter kasi I never had a Debut?