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Your donation will help us reach our goal of creating positive change for Filipino youth

We need your help to ensure that Filipinx youth have access to supports and safe spaces to unleash their bold brilliance and true potential. KAPISANAN Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture is the only arts-based mentorship centre in Canada that is led by Filipinx youth, governed by Filipinx youth, and for Filipinx youth. Our flagship programs, including CLUTCH, NAVIGATION, ULAM, KULTURA, and our Junior Coordinator Program, empower Filipinx youth to build confidence, explore cultural identity, and access accomplished mentors from the community. The majority of youth we serve live in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, as identified by the City of Toronto, and must navigate intersecting barriers of poverty, migration stress, and cultural integration in Canada. KAPISANAN is committed to alleviating these challenges through our one-of-a-kind programs.


Help us raise $13,000 by December 31st, 2017!

As we celebrate thirteen years of Filipinx youth-led programming this November, we call upon your help to raise $13,000 by December 31st, 2017 to keep our programs free and accessible, provide our youth staff with fair wages, and grow our vision of a future of Filipinx leaders and champions. That's a modest $1,000 for every year since KAPISANAN opened its doors to the community.

Through your support, Filipino youth are able to strengthen their cultural identity and activate their leadership potential. Participants of our mentorship and leadership programs continue to contribute, with confidence, towards their local communities and the broader Canadian community further creating visibility for Filipino-Canadians as artists, culture-bearers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and industry professionals.

Your generous gift and philanthropic leadership will directly impact KAPISANAN's mission to cultivate young leaders in the Filipinx community. As a by-youth, for-youth charity, we call upon your help to build and support the next generation of Filipinx leaders.

Become a community champion and, in turn, your investment will create more champions!

Thank you to all the amazing community members for their generous contributions.

KAPISANAN is a federally registered charity: 88838 7404 R0001
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Programs are needed to deliberately and intentionally cultivate a generation of youth leaders in the Toronto Filipino community. There are numerous community organizations that could deliver such programs if provided with adequate support.
— Kelly, Austria, Chua, de Leon, Esguerra, Felipe, Astorga-Garcia, Magpayo, Mais, Sorio, and Tupe. Promoting Post-Secondary Pathways Among Filipino Youth in Ontario. OHCRIF Final Report presented to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, March 2014.

in-kind donations

Below is a list of our current needs. CONTACT US with your donation idea so we can okay the item and arrange for you to deliver.

  • TTC tokens
  • Gift certificates/cards to DeSerres, Above Ground, Staples and other art-supply stores
  • Gift certificates/cards to grocery stores
  • PC laptops
  • Apple iPads
  • Postage stamps

Become A Liderato Donor

n. leadership, being at the head

As we inspire the next generation of leaders in the Filipino community, we need the existing leaders to be more visible and have more opportunity to make tangible contributions to the young people.

To find out about the benefits of becoming a Liderato Donor, contact Nikki Cajucom at 416.516.1559 x5703 or

Donate in honour or in memory of a loved one

 If the gift is being made in honour or in memory, please provide the name and address of the person or family you would like to receive notification. Email us your message and receiver's address, and we will send a hand-made card on your behalf to let them know of your thoughtful gift. 

Designate your united way gift to Kapisanan philippine Centre

Support Kapisanan's youth programming by designating your United Way campaign donations to our organization.

It's simple: on your United Way pledge form, write in that you would like to designate your donation to 'Kapisanan Philippine Centre' (that's our legal name) and include our charitable registration number: 88838 7404 RR0001. 

You can also dial up your United Way office and ask that they direct your donation to the K.

United Way does not share donor lists with Kapisanan. We would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for choosing our organization to designate your United Way donations!

Programs are needed that will create bridging social capital for young Filipinos. For example, internships might allow them to experience diverse working environments beyond those that are readily accessible through first generation family and friend networks. But the accessibility of internships needs to be considered. Unpaid internships, which are becoming increasingly common, effectively exclude those who do not have the financial means (or family support) to forego earnings. Filipino youth from low-income families would need access to paid internships in order for a system of this kind to truly increase their social capital and range of options.
— Kelly, Austria, Chua, de Leon, Esguerra, Felipe, Astorga-Garcia, Magpayo, Mais, Sorio, and Tupe. Promoting Post-Secondary Pathways Among Filipino Youth in Ontario. OHCRIF Final Report presented to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, March 2014.

Kapisanan is a brave space which integrates an anti-oppression framework for young Filipinos to express their voices, exchange ideas and explore their roots together as an empowered community.

Kapisanan Philippine Centre is a registered Canadian charity: 88838 7404 RR0001