director@kapisanan: The Last Words from a community contrarian? Say it isn't so!

An attentive audience looks at the stage, a red circle is around Mr. Joe River and his wife Patria, enjoying the poets at the PSL event during Nuit Blanche 2009 I want to go out on a limb and say that Filipino community politics are complicated and historically volatile. Lots of drama. One of the things I always like to say is that if we overcome the drama and stay focused on what's important, then we are on the way to creating a new paradigm. A community not divided and conquered. Alas, the road ahead is still long and winding. We need a lot more critical action. We need more critical dissent. We need people to always check us to ensure evolution. We need a lot more Joe Rivera is what I say. Mr. Rivera is such a rare and fresh agitator, my vote for Filipino Community Ombudsman is with him.

Read his sharp last words. AND BEG HIM NOT TO STOP!