Represent: Doo-wops with Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars If you get weak in the knees every time you hear "when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while" then this one's for you.

These catchy pick-up lines both whispered by grown men and squealed by school girls are delivered to you by artist Bruno Mars... and more significantly, they have pushed his debut single "Just the Way You Are" to the top of the charts.

Bruno Mars, also known as Peter Hernandez, is a Filipino-American singer-songwriter and music producer, and oh yeah, a sexy beast. He's currently 25 years old, born in Hawaii but resides in Los Angeles, California, though he also has Puerto Rican roots.

Bruno Mars

From a very young age he was impersonating and performing songs by pop culture icons such as Michael Jackson and Elvis. But before he became an internationally-renowned musician, he spent most of his time writing songs for artists such as Travie McCoy, Adam Levine, Sean Kingston, K'naan, Brandy and more.

He can also play the drums, guitar, bass, and keyboard in addition to making you swoon from his singing. You may have also seen him recently perform on Saturday Night Live, dressed in 1950s-esque threads--smooth and soulful.

Bruno Mars

And if you think he's just as sweet as his slightly falsetto (and flawless) voice, you should read his tweets.

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