Brown Out and about in the City

Michaela viewing the art works at 401 Richmond

For our first official Clutch rendezvous , April had us meet her at Ashbridges Bay for the annual Toronto Windfest. Unfortunately our comrade Mia wasn't able to join us so it was just Michaela and myself. The beach was transformed into an awesome wind playground; exotic kites filled the beach's skies helping make the space seem more intimate, and beautiful wind socks lined the sands. Some memorable kites included: a Canada Goose which was so convincing from a distance it looked like a sadistic prank and the awesome quadruple diamond kite which always makes the kite flier look exponentially more skilled than they probably are.

While constructing kites at the kite making station, we got to know a little bit about each other and shared our expectations for the program. Mayoral candidate, Joe Pantalone dropped by and promoted alternative energy and declared himself the poster child for wind energy. April was interested in us and very attuned to what sort of training we sought from this experimental arts program. She then sent us home but not for the day as our first task would be to attend Nuite Blanche that night, an all night city wide arts festival. Michaela and I both left for home, happy that we would have a hand in the shaping of this years Clutch .

Michaela and I make kites out of hand dyed paper

Michaela and I made it to 401 Richmond just in time for the free Flamenco dance performance in the Urban Space gallery.It was a highly entertaining and interactive show although many people felt the dance was not interactive enough as the participation never went beyond doing the complicated 12 beat hand clap ( and some people, like me, wanted to dance too ). Nevertheless the costumes, the hair and the passion emanating from the Flamenco students,were fantastic. Next, we were on our way to seek out the art work of Filipina artist, Jo Simalaya. Little did we know the artist would be present at the exhibit! We touched and marveled her "singing plants" which played ancient chants from the Philippines. There were numerous exhibits inside 401 Richmond, we could have spent the entire night but we had one more stop, Nuite Brune at the Kapisanan Center for Arts and Culture!

We arrived a little early to the K. Attendance wasn't looking very good at first but by the time the show started, we had all the seats filled. Wow, we were so impressed with our own KAPISANAN grown poets who took part in the PSL workshop who were now performing their creations. The people who took advantage of the open mic blew us away as well. Witnessing other peoples' creative self discovery might be a new addiction of mine. -L.A