Represent: Charice un-covered!

Remember that cute Filipino girl who totally owned a cover of that Dreamgirls song, 'And I Am Telling You'? She blew everyone away with her live performance in Star King, a Seoul-based talent show in 2007! After going viral on YouTube, she got scooped up by popular talk shows, you might have heard of them, the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Ellen Degeneres Show?

Her name is Charice. And now, she's all grown up and definitely international. (Note: As a diva in training, Charice dropped her last name a la Madonna and Beyonce). AND she just dropped her self-titled debut album, released under Reprise Records. Her record was produced by David Foster, the same guy who produced records for international superstars like Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, and Michael Buble, you now, albums your parents probably own. No more cover songs. Recognize.

Charice's professional music career may just starting, but collabs with world-renowned artists is already done on her checklist. The New York Post gave Charice a thumbs up, calling her a "vocal prodigy" after her Madison Square Garden debut - that was when she sang a duet with Celine Dion in 2008. Even Josh Groban declares that he's a fan of Charice, saying that her voice is one of the most beautiful he has heard in a long time. Just so you know.

Why all the fuss? Charice dropped her self-titled debut album as her "debut" (like, her 18th birthday-- Filipino styles)-- We think it's safe to say she can look forward to a long and promising career. If you consider Charice a guilty pleasure (I'm sure many of us do), you might want to mark June 4th 2010 on your calendars. Word on the street is that Charice will have a free live performance and CD signing session at the Toronto Eaton Centre, care of Warner Music Canada. The performance starts at 6pm.

You want her CD? We have some to give away! The first 5 people to RT @kapisanan by 5pm Friday, May 14th, will receive a free copy of Charice's self-titled debut album! Just make sure that you are able to drop by 167 Augusta Ave., Toronto, ON to claim your prize!