Lupang Hinirang... or is it Lupang Hini-WRONG?

by Leonard Aside from Manny's post-fight interview and the way Hatton's head jiggled after being rocked with that right cross... there was another part of Saturday Night's rumble that elicited some laughter (at least at the Sports Bar I was at): Martin Nievera's rendition of Lupang Hinirang, the Philippines' National Anthem.


Oh boy.

Martin Nievera is known for being a singer, songwriter, TV host... having a hot ex-wife (Pops Fernandez)... and flopping his own Las Vegas show. Now he's known as the guy who turned Julian Felipe's composition upside down (again?).

What do you think? Sacrilege? Sign of the Times? Or a much needed update?

(People also scoffed when this guy did the same thing with "The Star-Spangled Banner" but years later, its considered a classic rendition.)


...and PLEASE, someone do SOMETHING with "O Canada". That shet is mad boring.