Make, Engage, Exchange!

Mark your calendars for Friday, April 24th @ 6PM because the "Make, Engage, Exchange!" show, an Association of Media Literacy production focusing on social justice issues, will be opening at LucSculpture Gallery (663 Greenwood Avenue). Alyssa Ramos, one of the many talented artists who participated in KAPISANAN's inaugural Clutch program, will be showing a modified version of her original Clutch: "Open Fire" installation:

The installation will be an emulation of the mind-state of a young girl. She has begun to gain control of the mixed messages that the media portrays on the roles and representations of a female. This will be shown through the art of collage and the atmosphere of a young girl's bedroom. The piece is meant to create the feel of bombardment. Everyday young women come face to face with this false "beauty ideal" that the media portrays, and the important thing to remember is: control. We need to learn to think actively and critically about what we see, otherwise we will allow these portrayals to affect the way that we see our lives.

Alyssa will also be showing a short-film which she collaborated with KAPISANAN's executive director, Caroline Mangosing, entitled, "Repeated Themes":

The film "Repeated Themes" is a reflection on the concept of control; with clips from the video "The Perfumed Nightmare," telling the story of a young Filipino named Kidlat Tahimik (Quiet Lightning), and his awakening and reaction against American Cultural Colonialism. There are also inbetween clips of the destruction of a television; symbolizing the ability to control what we see in pop culture.

If you missed Clutch: "Open Fire" back in February, then you definitely have to check out "Make, Engage, Exchange!".

See you there!