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Islands & Aswangs is a free, illustrated fantasy book about Filipino folklore and mythology presented in a fictional encyclopedia format. 

The book will be used as a guide on how to incorporate informed Filipino folklore into tabletop roleplaying games, enabling players to create stories that evolve over time, as well as reclaim and explore the heart of their culture: the heroes, monsters, and legends passed through the generations. Bursting at the seams with untold stories are diverse, young artists and writers from the community who will collaborate to interpret the tales that are the foundation of our Filipino heritage.

Monsters and magic lie in the rainforests and barangays of the Philippine islands--if you know where to look.

We would like to acknowledge funding support from ArtReach Toronto.

How To get involved

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We want to hear the filipino folklore stories you know--whether it's a favourite from a book; or stories you've heard from your parents, lolas, lolos, yayas, titos, titas, ates, kuyas, etc.; or your own encounter with the supernatural. 

In Tagalog, we may call these folklore stories "kuwento ng mga matatanda", meaning "tales of the old people". Send your stories to in an e-mail titled "Kuwentohan".