A message from the ED - #ProjectLiftPH

A message from the Executive Director:

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Kababayans and Friends,

There have been questions about where we were going to put funds raised through our fundraiser and on-line donation campaign - and if our funds will be matched by the Canadian government. I want to qualify what we are doing.

KAPISANAN is a registered charity, and one of our charitable objectives is to raise funds for disaster relief. That said WE ARE QUALIFIED to have our funds matched by the Canadian government if we fill out the Declaration form for the Dept of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development-- like any Canadian charity.

However, because we don't have the infrastructure to deploy trained emergency personnel or goods in the Philippines, rather than going through the paperwork to match funds we raise, we will instead be forwarding money to GLOBAL MEDIC (specifically for their Haiyan efforts).

Global Medic is a local organization that is very visible and accountable, and are also qualified to have funds donated to them matched by the Canadian government.

Please consider donating now, 100% of collected funds will be forwarded to Global Medic Donate Now Through!

Upon looking deeper into logistics and timing, choosing one beneficiary keeps our administration streamlined. This is something that we must consider because 100% of what we collect will be forwarded, we are NOT keeping an administrative percentage of funds donated to us.

I hope that answers some questions regarding this matter. Rest assured donors money will be going to the right place in helping our people back home. 100%. Thank you to everyone who have been in touch offering a helping hand!

Sincerely, Caroline Mangosing - Executive Director


Click here fore more info on #ProjectLiftPH. You can also get tickets to our Dec. 4th fundraiser by clicking the Eventbrite button below:

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