Artrepreneur Workshop Series

Represent: Pretty Freedom, The Dynamic Duo

Written by Brian Ejar, Marketing & Communications Intern

“Everything deserves a second chance. Especially clothes.” – Pretty Freedom

With the works of two friends starting a business that began first as an idea over a bottle of wine, the path that it has now taken itself to (within only 8 months) is more than a work of art. It’s a work of heart, and sweat! The store itself, is outfitted using only found material. From the cashier desk to the coat rack, from the mannequins to the tables, it really shows that to create a business, resourcefulness is key; a set mind of determination and a creative aspect of invention and innovation.

My experience as a Pretty Freedom customer is uncomparable; Pretty Freedom is literally what I've always wanted in a vintage store: there's always something new and cool to find, it's very affordable, there's a story and background to everything, I have the confidence to wear "used" clothes without feeling dirty.

I've always wanted to know how they did it. How are they doing it? What struggles did they have to go through? And whether or not they'd be willing to ever teach me? When I found out that they were facilitating the Artrepreneur: Social Media & Small Business workshop, I didnt hasitate to sign-up. They truly are to me, and to Kapisanan - family.  So we asked them, “Why is a place like Kapisanan important to Filipino-Canadians?”

"I think Kapisanan is important because it not only is a place for a multitude of artists and art forms. It also educates and helps artists take their art to a new level and make a business out of it. Kapisanan is not only about creating art it is about allowing people to see the marketable business of their talent and it ties it all together with an underlying theme of uniting through Filipino heritage and culture."  - Helena Brown

This is Pretty Freedom. Be Inspired.

Want to find out more info about Pretty Freedom? Check out their website at Workshop Series

Pretty Freedom will be facilitating KAPISANAN’s upcoming Social Media & Small Business Basics Workshop as part of the ARTREPRENEUR WORKSHOP SERIES. They will be sharing tips and advice for those curious about how social media can play a big part in supplementing the growth of small businesses & the basics of minding your own business!

SOCIAL MEDIA & SMALL BUSINESS BASICS Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. @Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture 167 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON M5T 2L4

FREE for KAPISANAN V.I.P. Club Members! or drop-in for just $10

Be Inspired!