Inside CLUTCH: Jewellery Making with Anice Jewellery

Written by CLUTCH Vol. 7 Participant: Elysse Cloma

    I feel really lucky to be participating in Clutch because it has connected me to a network of talented artists and creative people who are willing to share their expertise with the Clutch girls. Our workshop with Olivia of Anice Jewellery and our graphic design workshop with Christine Mangosing are great examples of how the K is a part of a lively community that’s overflowing with creativity.

    Olivia from Anice Jewellery guided us through the process of making chain necklaces. She showed us a wire wrap technique that has two purposes: to connect two chains together, and to hold beads into place. I felt a little bit frustrated while trying to fit my tiny bead onto a metal chain, but I’ve been watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy lately, so I just pretended that I was a surgeon while carefully crafting my necklace masterpiece. During the workshop we each got to choose our own beads, stones, and pendants to make our necklaces with, and we got to take them home once they were complete!


    While I took away a necklace from Saturday’s workshop, I also took home some great advice from Britt, Anice Jewellery’s store owner. She shared her story of opening up a jewellery business, and talked about the rewards of working for yourself. Her advice to the Clutch girls? Not to worry, and that everything will eventually fall into place!

    As a recent university graduate, it’s easy for me to get caught up thinking about the future. That’s why I’m grateful for Clutch, which is helping me to work through my complicated feelings and giving me the tools to face what I’m afraid of. Graphic designer, Christine Mangosing gave us a practical talk about branding and the importance of professionalism – perfect advice for someone like me, who’s still feeling scared about putting themselves “out there”.

    Christine shared her expertise in graphic design with us, and talked about her 9 years as a professional graphic designer. Christine showed us some basic elements of graphic design, such as types of logos, font faces, and a few examples of strong and well-communicated visual identities. She also showed us a lot of really cool designer tools such as, which has the cutest colour palettes I’ve ever seen. After introducing us to graphic design, Christine talked about having a strong brand, and the concept of a brand being “what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. I know that as a collective the Clutch girls have been working on our branding, so Christine’s talk could not have come at a more appropriate moment in the program.

    It was also helpful to receive a branding talk because I’m still personally working on how to visually communicate what I do as a musician. I had a wake-up call recently when I noticed that my band doesn’t have the most grabbing online presence. Christine’s advice is helping me with the process of getting my work to the stage of sharing over social media. It’s safe to say that I’ll be thinking about branding more carefully from now on.