Kain Kalye 2014: Halo-Halo World Cafe

Based in Mississauga and owned by Marcie Blando-Peters, Halo Halo World Cafe is the product of “fighting tooth and nail, and giving sweat and tears.” They will be competing in Kain Kalye and serving Sago’t Gulaman, Turunkit, Halo-halo, and Sisig on Rice/in Tortillas at this year’s Kultura Festival!

Read on after the cut to learn more about the distinctiveness of Ilocano cuisine and why halo-halo’s appeal is universal!

(1) What is it that makes a dish distinctly Ilocano?

Ilocano cuisine is popular across the Philippines due to its unique characteristics. In its own virtue, the quality of the food derives from the simplicity of its own creation. The Ilocano cooking consists of sweet, sour, and salty attributes, measured and combined meticulously in order to achieve its unique flavor. For instance, Pinakbet, is a mix of vegetables in a stew with bagoong, which is salted fish, and crisp pork belly or fried fish. This iconic dish is a staple within the Ilocano culture.

Ilocano of the northern region are hardy folk who thrive on natural, and organic vegetation in which their arid lands offer. Their cuisine as a result is basic, yet delicious and very nourishing.

(2) Why do you think halo-halo holds such a universal appeal?

Halo-Halo is the world renowned dessert deriving from the Philippines. The unique combination of jelled fruits, sweet beans, ice cream, shaved ice, and enriched milk to enhance the sweetness of the dessert, mix together to conjure this marvelous confection. Due to its unique composition, Halo-Halo will always be an iconic treat, especially in the hottest of summers all around the globe.

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