NAV x Alexander The | Keeping Up Momentum


Save the date! NAV, in partnership with CLUTCH, presents OUT HERE. The young artists culminate at their final exhibit, and you're invited to the opening reception at Twist Gallery on Thursday, August 7th, 8PM. Watch the teaser above and stay tuned for more details!

Writing & Photography by NAV Participant, Genesis Giocada

On a sunny Saturday, NAV had the opportunity of being facilitated by local artist/creator Alexander The. Discussing the condition of being in the diaspora, NAV and Alexander engaged in a discussion of bridging distant homelands and finding where we stand in the mix of everything.

Expressing the importance of process as a creative, Alexander explained his use of physical activity to translate creative momentum. At times we find ourselves at a slump or a roadblock when it comes to creative activity. During these times it's best to refresh your mental energy by momentarily stepping away from the demanding focus towards one activity.

Introducing NAV to Chinlone, the traditional sport of Myanmar, Alexander shared his means of physical activity to stay mentally active.

"It brings me back to a core idea" - Alexander The

The sport of Chinlone involves a group of players enclosed in a circle engaged in a keep-up style of play with a rattan ball. Completely non-competitive, the focus of the sport is in the beauty and execution of keeping the ball up in the air.

NAV found a new sense of collectivity in playing Chinlone for their first time. In an act as simple as passing a ball around, we fumbled, cheered, screamed, set goals, and broke goals together. After a very physical day out, reflexes were strengthened, and physical as well as mental harmony came full circle.