NAVIGATION x MANGO PEELER | Re-framing Perspectives

Writing & Photography by NAV Participant, Ryan Dela Cruz

This week’s Navigation workshop was led by the one and only Jeffrey Garcia aka Mango Peeler. He navigated both our physical and creative conscious through the 'West Toronto Rail Path'. As "Private Eye" detectives we heightened our senses to uncover the very details hidden in plain sight.

NAV x MANGO PEELER took place at Café Neon where his art installations illuminate the walls of the restaurant. This was where the exchange of dialogue led to affirmations of maintaining our creativity through holistic approaches, mastering the skill of unlearning, acknowledging weakness as strength, focusing on the process and training your senses to be well versed to adaptability and never depending on only one method of doing things.

The NAV participants were introduced to the processes and training Jeffrey Garcia endures as an artist. If ever he is stumped or cannot muster inspiration, he goes on a run, and on his run he finds treasure or fractures in the matrix that speak volumes, triggering his imagination.

Training your mind, body and your craft like a professional athlete with extensive repetition will only further your physical, spiritual and intellectual purpose.

As a group, the NAV participants exchanged envelopes and were in charge of mailing items to each other via Canada Post. These items would represent the collaboration of today's journey and the beginning of a legacy.

With an appetite for the arts and having the passion to learn, we head out the door and start our run...

“Finding your run” was one of the activities MANGO PEELER engaged the NAV participants in. Jogging through the West Toronto Rail Path with our own cut-out viewfinder allowed every participant to obliterate objects and redefine its meaning. In relation to previous NAVIGATION workshops, this technique expressed personal interests, self-actualization and the re-framing of social lenses to uncover truths and origins of social realities we enact unconsciously.

NAV is a band of brothers assembled to further our literacy and creative capacities, enabling us to sharpen our tools so that we may forever inspire the multitude and to be forever INSPIRED; to be undeniable because "there is no window of opportunity for people's needs." Kapisanan dedicates their strength, time and energy to emerging artists so that WE may support and uplift the community from oppression and away from robotic programming.

This artistic development workshop led to discussions uncovering self-awareness, self-identity and building trust and synergy within the NAV participants and our program coordinator, Darrel Gamotin.

In a culture like ours, long accustomed to splitting and dividing all things as a means of control, it is sometimes a bit of a shock to be reminded that, our human and technological relationship camouflages the operational and practical fact of how the medium is the message.

I believe this outdoor collaboration with the MANGO PEELER truly impacted each of us because it focused on re-framing perspectives and ideologies. We became fully aware of our breathing and our surroundings, we engaged our senses so that we can minimize or widen our viewfinder.

The NAV participants are excited to discover where this dialogue will take them and how the continuous practice of applying theory in action will shape their entire being as a whole.


Do you want a chance to discover and create with MANGO PEELER too? Join MANGO PEELER's LAUNDRY LINES: a RACE & SILKSCREENING PERFORMANCE this Sunday!

Laundry Lines

Sunday, May 11, 12-4pm Race starts at Monarch Park Stadium (track) at noon and finishes at Ladysmith Ave and the Danforth (parking lot next to the Allenby) at 1:00pm. Silkscreen performance starts at the finish line at 1:30pm

"An interactive running race that results in a silkscreen performance. Photographs of local signage are made into screens and overprinted onto t-shirts by participants to deconstruct and transform the typography. Once banned by the City of Toronto, celebrated laundry lines will hang with colourful t-shirts, creating vibrant festival flags. Bring your own old t-shirt and see you at the finish line.

Athletes of any kind welcome for the race! Crowd cheerers of any kind welcome at the finish line! Participants of any kind welcome to print a t-shirt – BYO tee!"

You can also volunteer by marking the streets that artist Mango Peeler will be taking his marathon on/cheering participants on, serving tea at a tea station, and helping with set-up and smooth-running of the silk screening area at the end of the marathon. Forms are available here.

For more details, check out the Art of the Danforth website.