Intuitive Psychics - CLUTCH Vol. 6 Workshop Day 1

Written by Patricia Celiz, CLUTCH Vol. 6 Participant

March began with a promising fortune for six of us young, talented Filipina artists as the CLUTCH program launched its very first workshop for Volume 6 this past Saturday. The weekend prior was spent with our High Priestess and this year’s coordinator, Bea Palanca, taking a glance as to what to foresee in the upcoming 6 months of our lives with CLUTCH. After mini introductions were exchanged, Bea left us with a heart-warming promise: that this will not just be an exploration to find our identities—like an earth mother, she would help guide us [sic] in this spirited journey.

One of the two parts of the successful workshop day was spent with Kristina Guison to expirement with Inks and Dyes. Although all of us CLUTCH women have strong backgrounds in art, we didn’t exactly know what to expect [sic] from the session. We grew more curious and intrigued as Kristina shared some of her incredible ink and dye works. She enlightened us about the beauty of the medium—that many found it difficult to work with, just like watercolour, because you can’t pre-plan a piece and control the inks; rather, you let it take you as your imagination manifests its curiosities through the puddles, splatters and happy accidents. As Kristina conducted us into our experiment, we were soon doing our first collaborations with each other and with the mediums themselves.

For the final part of the workshop, we gathered to enlighten each other a little more about ourselves but beforehand tried to foretell each individual through their pieces. Astoundingly through the contents of the artwork, we had deciphered each other right down to a tee! The expressive nature of the medium and the bold colours used in combination with the rhythm of our movements subconsciously portrayed our personas. Our deep darkness (and lightness!) trickled onto the pages, and the ability of expression through ink and dye now became limitless to us. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, we sure felt mightily empowered.

Thanks again to Kristina Guison, Jen Gonzales for the non-linear goal setting workshop and Bea Palanca for conducting such a successful first CLUTCH Volume 6 workshop!