The Scene: SALO Series in Toronto

SALO dinner series

Salo, derived from "Salu-salo" which means a dinner party, is designed as a gathering of the curious ones, adventuring for deeper understanding of native feasts. The SALO Series, a traveling underground Filipino pop-up dinner series, is on the road across North America and they are making Toronto their 10th Stop!

WHAT: SALO Sampo WHEN: Sunday, November 10 2013, 6pm WHERE: SPRING Party Room,Β 23 Sheppard Ave East T.O.Β M2N 0C8

For 45$ you'll devour 5 courses, featuring dishes from the Philippines 3 main groups of islands, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This food adventure will really keep you full with Β "Kamayan" style or eating with your hands. If you ask any Filipino why would you eat with your hands? I'm sure they'll say: "Mas masarap pag nagkakakamay," meaning food tastes better eating with your hands!

Lets eat!

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Salo Filipino pop-up dinner series

ABOUT SALO Series SALO Series aims to raise community and cultural awareness through food. Yana Gilbuena, a designer and creative, started SALO as a means of bringing people together through this cultural and culinary journey. By applying a designer’s perspective, Yana creates a dinner experience that is carefully orchestrated to showcase the dialogue between dishes: how the flavors and textures interact; the sequence and flow; as well as the interaction between the diners, as they're exploring the Philippines through their palates.