KULTURA 2013 Day 3: Aug. 9 Friday: (KONTRA)BIDA: A CLUTCH Vol. 5 Exhibit Opening Night

CLUTCH Vol 5 presents (KONTRA)BIDA

KULTURA 2013 Day 3: Aug. 9 Friday: (KONTRA)BIDA: A CLUTCH Vol. 5 Exhibit Opening Night

@KAPISANAN 167 Augusta Ave. 7pm

Culminating a five-month arts-based, Filipino cultural immersion program for young women (aged 17-24), and the first time coinciding with KULTURA, CLUTCH participants mount a final exhibition. CLUTCH Volume 5 participants Patricia Abuel, Shaina Agbayani, Joanna Delos Reyes, Marie Sotto and Loisel Wilson Oñate will collectively show stories of identity, family, and home with the theme of (KONTRA)BIDA.

Mentoring the CLUTCH Collective are Casey Mecija (Ohbijou), MANGOPEELER (Diplo, Drake, AGO), Julius Poncelet Manapul (MFA UTAC), Romeo Candido (Prison Dancer, MUCHMUSIC), Christine Mangosing (CMANGO Design), Jodee Aguillon (Pretty Freedom) and Leonard Cervantes (CBC), just to name a few. Each mentor facilitates workshops that cover storytelling, print making, tribal traditions, installation, songwriting, graphic design and poetry. The end result of intensive workshops and deep cultural exploration is this multi-disciplinary work that continues a 4 year exhibition series.

Artist Statement: This exhibit explores the duality of the heroine, the BIDA, and the antagonist, the KONTRABIDA, as they battle in our own stories of identity, family, and home. The art in this show serves as special weapons wielded to challenge and question the obstacles that Filipinas, removed and dislocated from their homeland, face.

When BIDA meets KONTRABIDA, a transformation occurs and a brave, new woman is unleashed.

We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

Gallery Hours August 9 – 23 Wed-Thu 12pm-8pm