The Scene: My Father, Francis

Poster for My Father, Francis

Videofag, in community partnership with KAPISANAN presents: My Father, Francis

When: Father's Day (June 16, 2013), 7pm Where: Videofag at 187 Augusta Ave Why: Casey Mecija (of Ohbijou and former CLUTCH Vol. 3 coordinator) and her father Francisco "Francis" Mecija (a mechanical engineer) will collaborate and display items in order to provoke questions about what qualifies as an art object.

In Francis' spare time at work, he has been designing and building household items from materials that he's found in the beer-brewing factory that he works at. He has built knives, book-ends, shoe horns, dumbbell sets, cutting boards, music stands, picture frames, and small stools.

All of these items share a distinct aesthetic in their design and choice of material. In contrast to his artistry, Casey Mecija is talented in her own right. Not only is she the lead singer of Canadian Indie, pop, folk band Ohbijou, her contribution to the K has been tremendous. As coordinator for the CLUTCH Vol. 3 program for women, for 6 months she put together an intensive multi-disciplinary art camp, showing inspiration and mentoring young women to discover themselves.

Exhibiting together for the first time, Casey and Francis Mecija will also showcase a collaborative piece, created with the intention of forging closeness between daughter and father.