Post-Clutch Close Up: Victoria Marie

Photo of Victoria Marie by D. Fundano Photography

You all might remember Victoria Marie from last year’s CLUTCH program. Or maybe you caught her performing at our 7th Annual KULTURA Filipino Arts Festival. More recently, her gorgeous mug can be seen roaring in the photo that inspired this season’s CLUTCH promo material!

It’s nearly one year later, and things are looking way up for this emerging starlet. With her music career on the rise, we caught up with Victoria to talk music, CLUTCH, and to find out what’s in store for her in 2013.

(NOTE: The deadline for CLUTCH, Vol. 5 has been extended to Friday, March 1, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.! Hard-copies of your applications can be dropped off at 167 Augusta Avenue during our office hours and on Friday, March 1, 2013 from noon to 5:00 p.m. Hope to see you soon!)

--- On Valentine’s Day, KAPISANAN’s music studio was transformed into a glamorous photo shoot. Victoria posed for the camera handled by artist Dwayne Fundano and in the midst of the fun, we managed to steal her away to ask her a few questions.

KAPISANAN: Can you walk us through an average day in your life?

Victoria Marie: There is no normal day or regular routine for anyone like me who is trying to break into the industry. Basically, you try new things till something works. I'm always finding new outlets to build press, looking for auditions/gigs/jobs, scribbling new ideas for songs/lyrics/videos/fashion concepts in my notebook. And since I don't have wireless internet at home, I'm usually boarding up at the nearest coffee shop with free WiFi to stay updated with all of my social media outlets and jumping on any opportunity I can get.

K: What inspired you to be a musician?

VM: Music is, was, and will always be a constant in my life. It's not something that I stumbled upon; it's something I was raised on and by. But my ambitions to pursue music seriously—or "professionally"—stemmed from my history dependency on music. It's such a huge part of my family and I have many talented loved ones who still, to this day, have those regretful "what if" moments about their choice to not pursue music. It seemed like it would be the only genuine career choice for me. I absolutely refused to do anything half-heartedly. So, my passion and hard headedness solidified this path in music.

K: What influences your musical style?

VM: My largest personal influence and mentor in music is, with out question, my father. He has the most amazingly bright, warm voice and presence. He's taught me almost every single thing about music and entertainment. Apart from him, my style is very influenced by a lot of soul, R&B, and surprisingly enough, lots of rock. (I love the attitude in rock.) I listen to a lot of Stevie Wonder, Aaliyah, and Joan Jett… As for some new music, definitely Bernhoft, Allen Stone, The Kooks, Sky Ferreira… I could go on forever. I love exploring and experimenting.

Photo by Dwayne Fundano of D. Fundano Photography.

K: What is the best/hardest part of being a musician?

VM: The best part is: I am doing what I love. I never question it, or ask myself if I've made a mistake. The hardest part is being patient. When you have so many ideas, and you're extremely dedicated, devoting your every waking moment to your art, you kind of lose your mind waiting for everything to fall into place.

K: Would you rather perform in small venues or larger ones? Why?

VM: Since I'm starting off, I guess you always start small. I would rather feel intimate with the entire crowd—I appreciate every single person who ever goes to a show so I'd like to pay them the respect of being able to see my face with out the use of a megatron screen. Though ultimately, as a concertgoer myself, there's just something about going to a packed place to watch your favourite artist, whether the venue is large or small. You realize that you're surrounded by so many different people, but everyone has one common interest; that one specific night you befriend possibly hundreds of people all at once through a single riff or lyric.

K: What distracts you while you’re on stage?

VM: Bad audio is SO distracting! My Dad is an A/V technician so if I'm performing the sound needs to meet certain standards, that I'm used to. Nobody likes deafening feedback.

Photo by D. Fundano Photography

K: It’s been almost a year since BRUHA, the final exhibit of CLUTCH, Vol. 4. What have you been up to since then?

VM: Currently, my days are devoted to working on my press kit (getting head shots and other photo shoots done), my EP, my audition for the MUCH MUSIC VJ SEARCH OF 2013, and making tons of cold calls to agencies. Fun.

K: What message do you want to send to the next wave of CLUTCH girls?

Let go and let it happen. This is your chance to be selfish and take advantage of the opportunities that have been presented; better yourself to better the community. You can learn anything and everything, soak it all in. I'm here if you need me. I'm looking forward to seeing what CLUTCH, Vol. 5 can do. BRUHA may be hard to top though—REPRESENT!

K: What can we expect from Victoria Marie in 2013?

More new music, more performances, more projects, more drive, more direction, MORE GOLD.

--- For more gold, check out Victoria's Facebook page, and stay tuned for more goodies from D. Fundano Photography, the sneak peek of which can be seen throughout this article!

Don't forget! The deadline for CLUTCH, Vol. 5 has been extended to Friday, March 1, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.! Hard-copies of your applications can be dropped off at 167 Augusta Avenue during our office hours and on Friday, March 1, 2013 from noon to 5:00 p.m. Hope to see you soon!