Thanks for all the love! FUN-raising recap!

Vintage Valentines saying, "You are full of surprises" and "Have a Sweet Valentines"

February is a bit too late to do a year-end recap, but we still wanted to show some mad love to all of the amazing people who helped us end our year with a bang! Kinda timely for Valentine's day, right?

2012 was a very exciting year for us here at KAPISANAN. The CLUTCH girls showed us how fierce they were during BRUHA; our annual signature festival, KULTURA incorporated a culinary cook-off that made us all go on an Adobo-craze faze; and to top it all off, KAPISANAN received the Global Bayaning Pilipino Award! Whew!

Our own year end finale, KAPISANAN’s board of directors threw a shindig featuring all things that make KAPISANAN thrive: art, film, music, and food! Our fundraiser Now Na (<--click to see photos!) was held on December 3rd.

What a turn out it was! KAPISANAN would love to give a big salamats to our VIP Legacy Members, we couldn't have done it without you! Legacy Members are people and organizations that have contributed their time and money to the KAPISANAN community. We would like to acknowledge the following donors for their financial support:

1. Maggie Cortez (our VINTA Fashion Mentor) 2. Investors Group Financial Services Inc. c/o Rhowena Adolfo (KAPISANAN Board Treasurer) 3. Jose Bonfacio and Jennilee Austria (both KAPISANAN Program Alumni)

We also want thank all who supported by visiting and shopping at the two week VINTA Retail Gallery pop-up shop! We’re sure that you and your loved one enjoyed the gifts. (If you missed  out, don’t worry! There is plenty more where that came from! Stay tuned for #VINTA!)

All your contributions made it possible for us to fundraise more than $6,800! We're totally feelin' the love.

Some items exhibited during KAPISANAN's Now Na Fundraiser

Some items exhibited and for sale at the K's Now Na Fundraiser

We - KAPISANAN has inspired and provided space to Filipino-Canadian youth throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This space, a hub of empowering the young community leaders in the making by strengthening their identity, honing and mastering their craft by using culture and arts based programming.

Want to show your love? Become a VIP Member, that is, Very Important Pilipino (or honourary Pilipino) and holler at us! We want to continue driving the KAPISANAN Jeepney along with all our passengers and be that vessel that will help them get closer towards their destinations and we need YOU to help us fuel our Jeepney.