Volunteer call-out: Kultura 2012

KAPISANAN  is preparing for the 7TH ANNUAL KULTURA FILIPINO ARTS FESTIVAL, and we want you to be part of the gang! We're looking for volunteers and Kapisanan ambassadors for the entire month of August, so make sure to keep on reading for more information!

KULTURA Poster girl, Lyndl AguilarClutch Vol.3 participant Lyndl Aguilar at last year's Kultura Filipino Arts Festival

KULTURA 2012 will be on August 17-30th!

Kultura is KAPISANAN’s signature annual summer event, and we're planning this year's edition to be the greatest one so far. Kultura is NOT that far away, and lots of willing hands are being accepted!

For this year, we have a few things lined up. Here's a brief overview of when we'll need volunteers:

  • Wednesdays in August - at a Toronto Public Library branch (location TBD)
  • August 15-16 - To put up the visual art exhibit
  • August 25 Theatre Readings (afternoon) & Community Leaders VIP Event (evening)
  • August 26 Outdoor music stage + food day (all day)

Note: we would need your help for both days Aug. 25 & 26, so please mark that off your calendar way in advance!

We’d love to meet you before the festival! Come to our Volunteer Orientation on Wednesday July 25th at 6:00 p.m. and meet the people that you will be spending the festival with. Let us know your interests, and what you’re good at — we can definitely maximize your potential through this volunteer experience!

Volunteering is your best bet to get good karma points for the rest of the year! We are looking for active bodies and eager beavers who can volunteer their time to help us realize our dream of putting up another great summer festival!

Need to fill your community hours for school? No problem! Kapisanan can sign off on your mandatory community hours to graduate from high school. Let your schoolmates and friends in on the fun and volunteer, the more the merrier!

Drop us a line at kat@kapisanancentre.com with subject line “Kultura 2012 Volunteer” and let us know your availability. Or you’re more than welcome to visit us at 167 Augusta Ave. on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12-8pm.

Come join the fun!