The Scene: When Sally Met Sally


When Sally Met Sally, Ep.1 "Go On and Talk About Your Ex"

I can attest, as I’m sure a majority of us can, that I have had that one date that made me think, “did that just happen?” Flerida Pena & Catherine Hernandez have paid tribute to these often painfully awkward moments by presenting them through hilariously scripted webisodes.

The series When Sally Met Sally documents true queer dating disasters and are available for viewing on Youtube. With the onset of Toronto Pride, which runs from June 22 - July 1, these videos are a celebration of the LGBT community and invites submissions from the community of their worst dating stories.

Flerida and Catherine are definitely no strangers to Kapisanan. These talented women are active members of the Centre and continue to participate in various ongoing events. Flerida was a Clutch Vol. 2 participant, performed an early version of her play Sister Mary’s a Dyke!? at Kultura in 2010 as well as the Flipside Festival which was put on in partnership with the Carlo Bulosan Theatre. Catherine has written and acted in two fundraising performances at the K, Kilt Pins and Eating with Lola.

Don’t you want to see your dating woes broadcasted? We do! Send them to Check out the two videos below for other episodes that they've done so far!

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