Brewing In The Basement: Carolenys Tovar of Lazooleeta

Brewing In The Basement is a series of quick testimonials from a few amazing people that are using our different spaces here at Kapisanan. The K supports a variety of artists in the community, ranging from musicians, jewelers, martial artists, dance groups, artist-entrepreneurs, and more. Come and be part of this thriving community! Email!


The basement at Kapisanan is truly more than just a hole in the ground; it's a thriving community. One of the people who makes our space come alive is Carolenys Tovar of Lazooleeta. She makes custom hand-made jewelry inspired by different personal stories.

Carolenys' background is Venezuelan-Canadian, and conversations with her are always interesting. Everyday, we discover so many similarities between Filipino and Venezuelan cultures! Check out what Carolenys has to say about being nestled in the Kapisanan community!

Thank you, Carolenys for all your support! Please check out Carolenys & Lazooleeta at

Carolenys Tovar of LazooleetaCarolenys Tovar of Lazooleeta

"A couple of months ago when looking to rent a space to set up my art studio in, I came across Kapisanan and was amazed by the fact that I could create and potentially exhibit my work all in one place. The truth is that today, being a part of this beautiful community means to me a lot more than that... I am very fortunate to see my art come to life while witnessing the creative journey of many others in a place that lives up to their name by embracing uniqueness and fostering a very strong sense of belonging.

No matter where you come from, or whether you are an artist, a student or an event planner, there are endless opportunities to get involved at Kapisanan. Join the community!"

- from Carolenys Tovar  a.k.a. Lazooleeta Mixed Media Artist 647 868 3309