You Were Missed At... CLUTCH Vol.4 B R U H A

BRUHA A CLUTCH VOL 4 EXHIBITCLUTCH Vol. 4 participants at the opening of their show, B R U H A April 14, 2012

It's already been almost two weeks, but it feels like B R U H A just happened yesterday. April 14th was a memorable night for family and friends, as well as the broader arts and Filipino community who came out and celebrated the work of CLUTCH Vol. 4 participants. It was a great opportunity to showcase the great talent and work that was produced over the last six months by these amazing young Filipinas!

KAPISANAN, on behalf of Charise Aragoza, Renelyn Quinicot, Victoria Marie, Victoria Bacnis, Diane Guison, and Maureen Mendoza, would like to thank everyone who took part in this unbelievable experience.

And remember, if you haven't checked out the visual art exhibit yet, you have until this week until it wraps up!

See below photos from the Opening Reception of B R U H A : A CLUTCH Vol. 4 Exhibit All photos by Dwayne Fundano.

Be inspired!

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