I'm B R U H A. Are you?


B R U H A, derived from the Spanish word bruja (meaning 'witch'), has become an inter-generational pet name that every Filipina encounters throughout their life. The Spaniards designated the name to Filipino native women who were revered for being spiritually instinctive and intuitive.

Renamed and refashioned into something more suitable for the colonized, what used to bring pride now brought shame. Filipinas began to adapt to the mold and adopt the negative impression that reminded them of their original cultural identities, passing down the same disapproval to daughters that possessed the strong, spiritual characteristics they once had.

The name spilled into a broader spectrum; until it was given to every out-spoken, naively brave, independent, spiritually and artistically free women, who highly resembled their powerful ancestors. We have forgotten that the views that discourage us from exploring and expressing our artistic potentials are not our own -- just like the word itself.

We are retracing and reclaiming; correcting misinterpretations, false impressions, mistranslated stories.

Join us at  KAPISANAN as we celebrate the work of CLUTCH Vol. 4 participants as a result of their six-month arts mentorship program.

Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture presents B R U H A : A CLUTCH Vol. 4 Exhibit

OPENING RECEPTION April 14, 2012 7:00 p.m. 167 Augusta Ave., Toronto in Kensington Market

Visual Art | Installation | Music | Photography | Performances + more

FEATURING WORKS BY Charise Aragoza Renelyn Quinicot Victoria Marie Victoria Bacnis Diane Guison Maureen Mendoza


GALLERY HOURS Wednesdays & Thursdays 12 - 8 PM Until April 28, 2012

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The B R U H A Press Kit can be downloaded here.

More info to come. Stay tuned.



CLUTCH is a free six-month arts-based program for young Filipina women to start a dialogue with each other, get mentorship from professional artists within the community, have access to professional tools to hone their creativity, define their identity, explore their cultural heritage, and tell their stories on their terms. CLUTCH aims to provide hands-on artistic and leadership development, through the exploration of cultural identity as the foundation for empowerment.

KAPISANAN would like to acknowledge the generous support from The Ontario Arts Council of this project.



Video shot and edited by Raenell "Toto" Quinicot in collaboration with CLUTCH Vol. 4. Filmed in Toronto, ON.
CLUTCH Vol. 4 presents : B R U H A