CLUTCH Vol. 4: Victory lap!

For the past six months, Kapisanan has been home to the Clutch Vol. 4 girls: Charise Aragoza, Renelyn Quinicot, Victoria Marie, Victoria Bacnis, Diane Guison, Maureen Mendoza. With Kristina Guison, their Clutch coordinator, the girls have been through various workshops under the guidance of inspiring mentors in the community.

Their final show, BRUHA, is on April 14 2012 at 7pm. Mark your calendars! While you're at it, check out these photos from the last six months! Be inspired!

Clutch Vol 4 Family storytelling nightClutch Vol. 4 family storytelling night

Clutch Vol 4 Screen print Clutch Vol. 4 poster work-in-progress

Check out more photos below:

CLUTCH Vol 4 brainstorming poster designBrainstorming for poster design for B R U H A

Clutch Vol 4 Victoria Bacnis screen printing clutch postersVic working on the Clutch Vol. 4 poster

Clutch Vol 4 songwriting workshop with Casey MecijaClutch Vol. 4 songwriting workshop with Casey Mecija

Clutch Vol 4 setting up the lights for an afternoon workshop Clutch Vol. 4 setting up lights for a workshop

Clutch Vol 4 setting up for daps all agesClutch Vol. 4 setting up for Daps All Ages concerts

Clutch Vol 4 set up for Prison Dancer shootSet up for Prison Dancer

Ria working on her portrait project

Clutch Vol 4 Victoria Bacnis working on portrait project Vic working on her portrait project

Clutch Vol 4 Renelyn portraitRen working on her portrait project

Clutch Vol 4 pre-colonial history workshop with Christine BalmesPre-colonial history workshop with Christine Balmes

Clutch Vol 4 playing with traditional filipino instruments in pre-colonial history workshopClutch Vol. 4 participants playing traditional Filipino instruments

Clutch Vol 4 photography workshopPhotography workshop

Clutch Vol 4 Photography workshop with Kate FraserPhotography workshop with Kate Fraser

Clutch Vol 4 performance workshop with Maylee ToddPerformance workshop with Maylee Todd

Clutch Vol 4 Filmmaking workshop with Romeo CandidoFilmmaking workshop with Romeo Candido

Clutch Vol 4 Participatory art workshop with Marissa LargoParticipatory art workshop with Marissa Largo

Clutch Vol 4 Maureen working on paper cranes for AHONMaureen doing some paper cranes for the AHON Fundraiser

Clutch Vol 4 making parols for K fundraiserClutch Vol. 4 working on some Parols

Clutch Vol 4 blockprinting christmas cardsBlockprinting Christmas cards

Clutch Vol 4 Jewelry workshop with Melissa ClementeJewellery workshop with Melissa Clemente

Clutch Vol 4 installation workshop with Jo Si MalayaInstallation workshop with Jo Si Malaya

Clutch Vol 4 Visual communication and branding with Christine MangosingVisual Communication and Branding workshop with Christine Mangosing

Clutch Vol 4 Workshop with Nina Lee AquinoPlaywriting workshop with Nina Lee Aquino

Clutch Vol 4 block printing with Lyndl AguilarBlockprinting workshop with Lyndl Aguilar

Clutch Vol 4 block printing workshop with Lyndl Aguilar and Kristina GuisonBlockprinting workshop with Lyndl Aguilar and Kristina Guison

Clutch Vol 4 Diane working on blockprints with TotoDiane working on her blockprints, while Toto (Ren's brother) documents

Clutch Vol 4 daps all ages concert setDaps All Ages setup

Clutch Vol 4 History if the Filipina workshop with Mithi EsguerraHistory of the Filipina workshop with Mithi Esguerra

Clutch Vol 4 Dance workshop with Jodee AguillonDance workshop with Jodee Aguillon at Pretty Freedom

Clutch Vol 4 conceptualizingConceptualizing

Clutch Vol 4 caricature portrait workshop with omar wisam noori al-hafidhCaricature/portrait workshop with Omar Wisam

Clutch Vol 4 brainstormingBrainstorming

Clutch Vol 4 Encaustic Wax collage workshop with Leah GoldEncaustic Wax Collage Workshop with Leah Gold

Clutch Vol 4 Goal Setting Workshop with Char LoroGoal Setting workshop with Char Loro