Brewing In The Basement: Spectre Hearts @ the K

Brewing In The Basement is a series of quick testimonials from a few amazing people that are using our different spaces here at Kapisanan. The K supports a variety of artists in the community, ranging from musicians, jewelers, martial artists, dance groups, artist-entrepreneurs, and more. Come and be part of this thriving community! Email!


One of the spaces that we offer here at the K is a music rehearsal studio. When we put out an ad on Craigslist to fill this space, Zaddi Pesino of Spectre Hearts found us! Zaddi and his band have been using the space since summer of last year, and it's awesome to know that they are becoming more active in the local Toronto music scene. Just last week, Spectre Hearts were featured on Canadian Music Fest!

Thank you Zaddi & Spectre Hearts for filling our space with your music! Check out what Zaddi has to say about being part of the Kapisanan community below! And while you're at it, visit Spectre Hearts' bandcamp page, and connect with them on Twitter!

Spectre Hearts at Canadian Music FestZaddi Pesino of Spectre Hearts

"My band rehearses in Kapisanan a few times a week and I'd like to think we contribute to the culture and art this centre is rapidly becoming known for. Kapisanan is not only a great hub for Philippine culture, the centre embraces the diversity of Kensington Market and plays an integral role in community building.

I am always pleasantly surprised when I walk into various happenings. Yoga classes, prayer groups, concerts, martial arts classes, comedy shows - the list goes on. I am by no means an ambassador. I am simply grateful to be part of this unique institution.

So when you're passing by and hear our music escaping the basement and later hear it on the radio, you can bet that Kapisanan is partially responsible."

- from Zaddi Pesino of Spectre Hearts