Growing Up "Canadian" an interactive arts event is ON Saturday March 3rd

According to Statistics Canada, Filipino-Canadian youth are not, on average, doing well in education and employment after they leave high school. Members from the Filipino Youth Transitions in Canada project are conducting research to find out why this is so.

Initial findings from the research bring to light issues facing Filipino-Canadian youth such as religion; relationships with parents and peers; discrimination; as well as challenges to belonging.

On Saturday, March 3rd, in partnership with Kapisanan, FYTiC will be hosting an intimate showcase featuring Filipino Canadian spoken-word artists, playwrights, and visual artists. These artists will be showcasing artwork that speak to the research themes and what it means for them to grow up "Canadian".

We invite you to take part in this community event!

Growing UP "Canadian"

Saturday March 3rd | 6:00pm -10:00pm


167 Augusta Ave.

**Admission is FREE** *FREE FOOD will be served!**

Visual + Installation Artists include: Marissa Largo Eric Tigley Darlyne Bautista Jo SiMalaya Alcampo

Performances by: Catherine Hernandez Norman Alconcel, “Big Norm” Noel Matta, “FenaxiZ” Patrick de Belen, “VerseAtile”, “KuyaVerse” Marcus Lomboy

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