Clutch Vol. 4: Set. Aim. Shoot.



Kate Fraser, an arts based coordinator at Schools Without Borders, began our photography workshop by telling us a little bit about herself and the past projects she was a part of. One project was My City My Story, "a community photography project that gives young photographers access to the equipment, resources and mentorship to develop a body of work that contributes untold stories about community and social justice to the public narrative." Through this project, we were able to see a group of individuals tell their own stories through photography.

There are several Clutch girls who are at home with photography already but we all found it helpful to revisit the basics. With cameras in hand, Kate walked us through exposure settings, aperture settings, what we need to keep in mind when shooting indoors vs. outdoors, if a subject is still or in motion, as well as finding different perspectives to shoot from. With all this information it was time to, "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy."

We headed to the park and were able to experiment with the setting sun's rays peeking through the trees, Clutch girls chasing a flock of pigeons, Kat Estacio throwing leaves into the air, wisps of cigarette smoke, and even making use of the park's playground.

One of the more challenging photo taking moments of the day goes to Diane Guison as she tried to capture a photo of me while on the swings. There were a lot of trial and errors and experimenting of settings on the camera as well as getting varying shooting positions around the swing (on top of trying not to get hit in the face by my feet!) but with the guidance of Kate, Diane was able to take a great photograph full of action!

Photography is an amazing medium. In an instant you can capture an emotion, an idea, a whole life. It can be quiet and reflective but also loud and powerful. It can create an awareness inside of yourself or bring awareness to the whole world. It can stir up the same emotions in people or it can create a debate, an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Photography is wordless yet it is filled with so much meaning and thanks to Kate Fraser and her informative and hands-on workshop, we are left feeling more confident and more adventurous with our future photography projects.