Intership opportunity!

A local Filipina artrepreneur, April Aliermo is looking for a new intern! See how the go-getters get it, and learn a thing or two about being a working artrepreneur! april aliermo performing

About April: Multi-disciplinary Artist Entrepreneur who has several projects on the go: a creative based-playschool (an incorporated non-profit organization), a few bands (Hooded Fang, Phèdre, tonkapuma), a record label (Daps Records) and other random pursuits. She is looking for an volunteer intern.

How many hours a week approximately is needed?

  • Some weeks might be more busy than others, if there is a big project. Other weeks, there may not be any work to be done. But in general, It would be for 3 - 5 hours a week.
  • The day is pretty flexible, and also depends on the week.

What would be some responsibilities be? Responsibilities vary, especially since this position is to support and learn from several of my projects: Bellwoods Playschool, Hooded Fang, tonkapuma, phèdre, Daps Records.

Admin Responsibilities

  • Checking mail + delivering to respective people
  • Mailing things
  • Photocopying, stapling, binding, etc.
  • printing things like posters and putting them up around town
  • Updating blogs + websites

Random Responsibilities, every now and then

  • picking things up from people, places and/or stores
  • dropping things off to people + places
  • helping organize spaces and supplies

Arty Responsibilities, every now and then

  • silk screen t-shirts and/or posters
  • helping with video shoots
  • other random art projects
  • taking photos

Other Things If there are other areas someone would like to help in or think they want experience in, April is open, flexible and willing to teach and train! There are also many opportunities to be connected with other artists, musicians and educators in the community. Depending on how things go, could lead to paid work in the future.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in applying please email April Aliermo directly with your resume and a cover letter.