Filipino Martial Arts: ITAK System

Filipino Martial Arts: ITAK System As the New Year comes along, so do the New Year’s resolutions. Like the rest of the world, we're all hoping to work on our health/fitness a little more in 2012. Or maybe you're looking to explore the Filipino culture.. OR maybe you're simply just hoping to try something new.

Start the New Year off this upcoming 2012 by getting to do all three, this month at KAPISANAN!

This month, Kapisanan Philippine Centre  for Arts & Culture welcomes the community of all ages, Filipino or not, to join us in further exploring the Filipino culture through one of the country’s most interesting martial arts systems; The Integrated Trankada Aldabon Kali (ITAK) System. When one thinks of martial arts, Filipinos aren’t exactly the first thing that come to mind. With more mainstream forms such as Kung Fu or Karate, it’s not that often that the Filipino culture is recognized for their fair share of creative martial art styles. The Filipino Martial Arts, or the “FMA” styles of martial arts, are of the most varied, innovative and dangerous in the world.

With different styles coming from every geographical block in the country (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao), the types of martial arts and their levels of difficulty range from very simple to very complex with multiple subsystems attached to them.This particular form of FMA is a style that is much closer to the spirit of the ancient Philippine fighting art systems.

Teaching it this upcoming year is Larry Mitchell, an instructor who has studied Filipino martial arts for 17 years with his personal instructor, Grandmaster Gerry “Nonoy” Galano. Having been involved in martial arts for 4 decades and with his ranks and teaching credentials in a variety of Japanese, Chinese and Filipino martial arts, a great learning experience can definitely be promised.

Some types of weapons you’d be learning to use in combat include:

  • flexible weapons (short chain, belt, scarf, sarong)
  • sickle (garab)
  • short battle axe
  • short spear
  • short staff and walking cane
  • double hook stick
  • throwing rods and knives
  • composite weapons, i.e. flail
  • improvised weapons etc.

Primarily being a blade- fighting one, this “old school” system of Filipino Martial Arts will first be taught using armed combat methods and later on in the program, will begin to introduce unarmed combat techniques as well such as:

  • Sumbagan-Sipa (striking and kicking techniques)
  • Sumbagan-Torsi (classical locks and holds, reversals)
  • Sumbagan-Dumog (striking-grappling)
  • Sumbagan-Kuntao (a subset of the system)
  • Panumba (takedowns)
  • Tapon/haboy (throwing)
  • Sakal (choking)
  • Pamali (bone breaking)
  • Sentido Patama (vital area striking)
  • Weapons Disarming techniques
  • Multiple Defence


Classes are -$30/ month or -$10/ drop-in class ******* First session on Jan. 22 is FREE =) *******

Each class runs on Sundays starting January 22, 2012, from 6pm – 8pm and all that is required is that you come dressed in a track suit and a tee shirt with comfortable training shoes (criss trainers, sneakers etc.)

Everything else you’ll need will be available for you to use at the centre.

Hope to see you there!