Clutch Vol. 4: Reminiscence


On the weekend before Halloween, the CLUTCH girls were complete for the very first time for our Saturday workshop. Days before, Kristina, our CLUTCH Coordinator told us that there was a “surprise” for this specific Saturday. Nobody knew what to expect.

We started off the day with the part-two and one-on-one goal setting session with Char Loro. While waiting for our turn to set our goals with Char, we spent the whole afternoon reminiscing and listening to '90s music. We all had a good laugh when we remembered the TV shows and songs we used to watch and listen. At last, after 6 hours of intense goal setting and reminiscing, we were finally ready to know what the surprise was.

To get into the spirit of Halloween, Kristina, who was also the facilitator for this surprise activity, told us to dress up as our favorite family member or wear something that belongs to them. Kristina also asked us to bring pictures and memorabilia from our childhood.

We moved to the bigger room and saw the “surprise:” a storytelling workshop!

The CLUTCH girls loved the surprise. On top of that, we were just relieved we don’t have to sit on the same room for another 2 hours. Excited, the girls sat down in a circle around the “crystal ball” in the middle. We hand-picked questions to answer about our family while having hot tea and shrimp crackers.

The workshop started off really well, everyone was listening and getting to know more about each other. It almost felt like we were having slumber party inside a tent. Sharing and hearing stories from each other made us all feel emotional. We cried, we laughed (sometimes, both at the same time) and we inspired one another with our own unique experiences and stories.

As the only one in the group who grew up in the Philippines, I expected that their experiences were vastly different from mine because they all grew up here in Canada. But after hearing everyone's stories, I realized that there's not much difference in our childhood. The environment we grew up in and the games we played might be different, but our values and love for our family are comparable. Through this workshop, I have come to understand and appreciate everyone for everything they’ve been through. Cheers to the one of the most memorable activities in our CLUTCH program!!!

More photos from our storytelling workshop below: