CLutch Vol. 4: Char VS. Churros


“CHURROS” I blurted, inadvertently louder than the grumble of my stomach. It was break time for the ladies of Clutch Vol. 4, after their amusing workshop with the wonderful caricature artist, Omar. It was as if we had actually gone to Wonderland to see the artist at work, and at the same time built up a behemoth-sized hunger.

“Ren, CHURROS!” I squealed unnecessarily over excited, at my sister from another mister, first clutch buddy, Renelyn. In such a short time, we have become so accustomed to the rushed 15 minute breaks in between workshops, to grab and engulf any snack in sight. The sound of our stylish shoes galloping up the narrow stairs towards the Kensington market air echoed behind us. Walking down Augusta, weaving through the weekend population we made our way towards the authentic churros that beckoned so strongly, as they always do as we conversed about the day so far.

“I’m not looking forward to this next ‘goal setting’ workshop. Forreal. I’m really not diggin’ the whole ‘being lectured about my life goals’ thang.” I confessed to Ren as she searched for a quick and easy fix to her growing appetite.

She must’ve been too preoccupied to ingest what I had told her, but my festering apprehension quickly faded to my default approach to trying new things, slight hesitation triumphed by a shrug and a smile. By going with the flow, I figured I could ride out any rough waves but I’ve never been so quick to admit that I was wrong. Not just wrong, I was more mistaken than boys are when reading non-existent signals in teenage relationships. More mistaken than the times when you think the bathroom stall is empty because the door is unlocked and you’re brutally corrected by the surprised occupant. This workshop turned out to be my favorite so far (no offense to our many wonderful teachers and mentors).

Last Saturday, Kapisanan was graced by the presence of one of their own, Clutch Vol. 1 workshop leader, Char Loro. Char captivated the girls of Clutch Vol. 4 instantly with her bright from head to toe, loud and proud, love hard, lioness ‘tude.

Obviously wise beyond her years, she infused our minds with dreams we never knew we had. Goal setting, at first, seemed intimidating and off putting but Char found a way to use our goals to set us alight with ambition and determination; with new methods of figuring out our S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) goals, we personalize and bring our destinations to reality. We were granted the utmost honor of hearing her own goals in life, better yet we were given the chance to see what her life will be like in 10 years time.

Just like her swag, Char is living and will continue living her life colourfully, vividly and boldly. She’s the type of woman who is a true role model to everyone, not only because she’s someone we’d all love to emulate, but because she encourages and inspires each individual to be just that, an individual. It’s rare to be inspired to be yourself, but our own Char Loro is more than capable (even more so than churros) to make you squeal with excitement to grow in to your own skin. An advocate and living proof of, intuition to fruition and one of Kapisanan’s dearest and dopest dream catchers that we can’t help but LOVEHARD!

Char Loro, over churros, any day.