Deck the halls with Parols!

One crisp fall afternoon in early November, KAPISANAN got together with past and present volunteers, interns, workshop/program participants, mentors, facilitators, staff, board members, and community supporters to start our Parol Making Showdown! The result: a parol super laboratory and an overwhelming support from the community! (Note: What is a Parol? Why, it's a Filipino star-shaped Christmas lantern!)

Parol Making fundraiser

Want to make your own Parol to benefit KAPISANAN?! Keep on reading!

Our first Parol Making Showdown was on Nov. 6th, and a steady number of people have been coming in the centre ever since. We were so inspired with the work and dedication of our participants, that we've decided to get them all together for a PAROL EXHIBIT!

On Dec 3rd, the night of the Krismas Bazaar, every parol made will be exhibited for sale and display, brightening up our Vinta Gallery. We’re hoping to have a very eventful and exciting year for 2012 and your creative help will make this all the more possible!

Some parols made from our first showdown!

The focus of the Parol Making Showdown is to get everyone together for a Christmas Bayanihan event. Throughout the month of November, keep warm inside the Kapisanan Centre as we open doors to anyone interested in contributing to our fundraiser or in simply learning to make their own traditional Filipino Christmas decoration. Together, we will not only arm ourselves with the skill of making our own classic Filipino star-shaped lanterns, but we will also be using our arts-and-craft skills to help support Kapisanan's cause in fundraising for next year's Arts & Cultural Programming.


Check out last year's parol making session

Feel a little closer to your culture by decorating your home with more than just your average, bland Christmas lights this year! Become a Friend of Kapisanan! Support the incredible work of our community by either: (1) making your own parol to contribute to the fundraiser, or (2) buying one of the beautiful parols on the night of the Krismas Bazaar!

If you would like to make some parols, here is the schedule we have for next week. The K will have parol materials ready at the centre, and will be open on the following days:

Tuesday Nov  22 from 630-9pm Wednesday Nov 23 from 12-8pm Thursday Nov 24 from 12-8pm Friday Nov 25 from 3-7pm Saturday Nov 26 from 12-7pm

PS. A special shoutout goes out to Eloise Alba (and her friends Diego, Carlo and Carlos) for bringing in some de-lish NOMS && Charise Aragoza and Balzac's Coffee for the much-needed caffeine boost for our first Parol Making Showdown on Nov. 6th! MARAMING SALAMAT!

Check out some photos from the Parol Making Showdown below, and hope to see you at the K for more parol making action! Also, come by KAPISANAN's Krismas Bazaar on Saturday Dec. 3rd and get your very own parol! See you there!

This is how it starts: bamboo sticks shaped into parol frames

Our materials cart, before all the mess ;)

More materials, and some refreshments courtesy of Charise Aragoza and Balzac's coffee!

Delicious food from Eloise Alba and her friends Diego, Carlo and Carlos!

Brian building a custom parol frame