Clutch Vol. 4: If you think making jewelry is easy, think again!

Written by Clutch Vol 4. participant, Victoria Bacnis

Melissa Clemente jewellery

Our very first workshop for Clutch was Jewelry making with Melissa Clemente. In just over an hour we learnt the nicks and knacks of how to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  She brought in a variety of beads for us to choose from and prepared little packages with the basic tools that would help us get started with our masterpieces.

Melissa Clemente shows the Clutch girls how to make their own jewellery

But dang, who would’ve known making jewelry could be so hard?!  I had no idea that making my own jewelry could be so difficult!

After the first half hour of trying to figure out what beads and trinkets we wanted to use for my earrings; putting the pieces together required a lot of precision and patience- something many of us Clutch girls didn’t really have a lot of that day haha.  Nonetheless, we all eventually got the hang of it and found ourselves so determined to complete the pieces we all envisioned.  It almost felt therapeutic to me. By the end of the workshop, we were all able to make charm bracelets and earrings.

Melissa Clemente working with the Clutch girls

Clutch girls picking through jewellery materials with Melissa Clemente

Jewellery making with the Clutch girls

Saving money, patience, precision and creativity. I must say, Jewelry making can teach you more than just making necklaces and bracelets! I have so much respect for Melissa Clemente with what she does. I loved the workshop and actually wear what I made that day. The next time I step into the jewelry section at  forever 21 or H&M, I’m thinking twice about the money I’m spending.

Jewellery making workshop with Melissa Clemente