Internship Opportunity with leading Filipino-Canadian filmmaker

prison dancer poster Do YOU want to be a FILMMAKER?  MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR?  DOCUMENTARIAN?  TV PRODUCER? MEDIA ARTIST? Did you always WANT to do it but never had the CHANCE TO LEARN?

Award winning producer Ana Serrano and Award Winning Director Romeo Candido are partnering up with KAPISANAN to give young, aspiring media creators the chance to learn ON SET how to be a MEDIA CREATOR.

PRISON DANCER : THE MUSICAL will be shooting from NOV 27- DEC 4, and is looking for aspiring directors/set designers/sound engineers/producers who can be part of this once in a lifetime experience.

Stacked with award winning technicians, artists, and talent, the PRISON DANCER MENTORSHIP PROGRAM will be a valuable education for young people wanting to get into the arts.  Film, Acting, Production Design, Music, Theatre, Digital Technology, all in one innovative work that is aimed at making an impact all over the world.

Please email if you would like to join the inmates and the crew that will capture the magic. Please write a cover letter with your area of interest and attach your resume.   Again the dates are Nov 27 - Dec 4.  Do it now!