Clutch Vol. 4: "Money is nothing but a piece of paper!"

Written by Clutch Vol. 4 participant, Renelyn Quinicot Javier

On October 15th, the rest of the Clutch Vol. 4 girls and I experienced our very first batch of workshops. It was understood days prior that our jam-packed day would consist of a jewellery workshop, a financial literacy one right after and a block printing workshop to wrap it all up.

To be honest, when the financial literacy workshop was first mentioned, 3 questions instantly came to mind, “What the hell is financial literacy?” “What does this have to do with Clutch?” and “How will I possibly be able to stay awake through this one?” But beginning with her blazer and briefcase-less outfit, Rhowena Adolfo’s financial literacy workshop was far from what I had expected it to be.

Instead of having to spend those few hours listening to some mono-toned, serious business woman tell us pointless facts about the stock market, our Clutch group had the privilege of listening to Rhowena Adolfo, a division director and holistic financial planner, teach us a new way of looking at money and a new to approach our goals. With her quick, enthusiastic personality and the amount of personal interaction with each of us, this workshop was easily my favourite of the day.

After an hour or two of sharing, goal setting, analyzing and personal reflections, Rhowena succeeded in teaching us that although money was mostly seen as a negative, “evil” thing to all of us -yet also sometimes a source of success and opportunities-, at the end of the day, money is nothing but a lousy piece of paper.

What I most appreciated getting out of Rhowena’s workshop, though, was a new way of approaching the life we each want to live. One of the quick, on the spot assignments Rhowena gave us was to jot down all the things that would make up our “probable, almost, certain future”, all the things that would stop us from reaching this specific future and our possible ways of being once we’re living this dream future.After some mini, one-on-one pep talks with each of us girls in front of the entire group, Rhowena was able to teach us all to better goal set – figure out what we like and what we can make out of it-  and how to be more fearless when it comes to reaching these goals.

Along with the actual lessons she was preaching, Rhowena was also teaching us all to be stronger women just by the way she acted. Rhowena spoke to us with so much pride and certainty. Not only in herself and what she was teaching, but in what she believed of each one of us. It's agreed among the eight of us , Rhowena Adolfo is one very inspiring Pinay.

All in all, more than I learned about actual money spending, I left that workshop that afternoon with more confidence in myself and with a better understanding of what will really define success to me in my future –stacked with money, or not.