PSL: Team Writing session with Henrick "Shoolie" Sales

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Last week, we talked about structure. This coming week, it's all about performance and team dynamics. The next session of PSL will focus on TEAM WRITING: how to best bring out your team's strengths, as well as your own!

PSL grad Henrick "Shoolie" Sales will be spearheading this week's session to talk about tips on writing as part of a team, and his path to Slam poetry groups around the GTA.

"Life after PSL was very interesting! After PSL I got to put what I learn in action and it made me both a better writer and performer." - Henrick "Shoolie" Sales

Shoolie is ¼ of “The Messengers”, Up from the Roots Slam Team and Toronto’s Rustbelt Team. He has performed in numerous events in and outside of Toronto and has been featured for the Guelph Youth Poetry Slam Season. He is also the Grand slam champion in both Bam! Youth Slam 2010 and Burlington Slam 2011. Their youth team "The Messengers" is also the very first youth spoken word Canadian team to compete for Brave New Voices.

Get your feet wet on what's to come, check out what Shoolie has been up to lately:


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