Volunteer call-out: Kultura Filipino Arts Festival!

KAPISANAN PHILIPPINE CENTRE FOR ARTS & CULTURE is preparing for the 6TH ANNUAL KULTURA FILIPINO ARTS FESTIVAL,and we want you to be part of the gang!

Event poster for Kultura 2011, August 26-28 at 167 Augusta AvenueKULTURA 2011 will be on August 26-28th!

Kultura is KAPISANAN's signature annual summer event. It's a sizzling festival held in the busy streets of Kensington Market, and a celebration of the talented people in the community that showcases music, theatre, film, visual, art, poetry, spoken word and lots more.

This year, Kultura will be on August 26-28! As most of you already know, Kultura is not THAT far away, and lots of willing hands are being accepted! If you enjoy soaking up the sun, being immersed in Filipino culture through different art forms, and making new friends, then this is the place to be!

We'd love to meet you before the festival! Come to our Volunteer Orientation on Thursday August 18th at 6:30 p.m. and meet the people that you will be spending the festival with. Let us know your interests, and what you're good at -- we can definitely maximize your potential through this volunteer experience!

Below is the schedule of events. We would need YOUR help for the following days leading up to Kultura, as well as during the Festival days: Prep Day 1 -- August 23rd (Tuesday), 12-8 p.m. Prep Day 2 -- August 24th (Wednesday), 12-8 p.m. Prep Day 3 -- August 25th (Thursday), 12-8 p.m. Festival Day 1 -- August 26th (Friday), 6-10 p.m. Festival Day 2 -- August 27th (Saturday), 3-10 p.m. Festival Day 3 -- August 28th (Sunday), 12-7 p.m.

Photo of volunteers working on festival flags or banderitasVolunteers making props. Photo by Angie Torres.

Volunteering is your best bet to get good karma points for the rest of the year! We are looking for active bodies and eager beavers who can volunteer their time to help us realize our dream of putting up another great summer festival! In return for your generous time, here are some things that you can gain from volunteering at the K:

+ An increase in knowledge about the Filipino culture, heritage and local community issues + Meeting and interacting with individuals who are deeply involved in the Filipino community + Exposure to a variety of events, programs and workshops offered by Kapisanan + Gaining confidence and social consciousness + Improving personal skills and finding new routes to professional development + Developing and utilizing administrative, marketing, and communication skills + Gaining familiarity with lighting, sound, film, video and performance technology + A remarkable experience with opportunities for growth!

Volunteers at the Kiddie booth, from Kultura 2010Volunteers at the Kiddie Korner, Kultura 2010. Photo by Angie Torres.

As a volunteer what can you do? Here are examples of some tasks that you will be doing as a volunteer for KULTURA 2011: - Installation of artwork for the visual arts exhibit - Promoting KULTURA around different communities in Toronto - Engaging festival attendees, acquiring a maling list from guests - Being a door person and/or greeter to guests - Helping the Tech crew for light and sound - Selling any Kapisanan merchandise - Serving drinks or finger food - Runners - Making sure our venue is sparkling clean before, during and after the event - And more...

Need to fill your community hours for school? No problem! Kapisanan can sign off on your mandatory community hours to graduate from high school. Let your schoolmates and friends in on the fun and volunteer, the more the merrier!

What are you waiting for? Drop us a line at kat@kapisanancentre.com with subject line “Kultura 2011 Volunteer” and let us know your availability. Or you're more than welcome to visit us at 167 Augusta Ave. on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12-8pm.

Come join the fun!