PSL starts August 4th!

The next round of Poetry is our Second Language starts on August 4th at 7pm!

The next round of PSL starts August 4th!

Written by Brian Ejar, Marketing Intern

Roses are red, violets are blue - stop. For real? That's the first thing most people think of when they hear the word "poem". Let's get real here, that's child's play. It's practically like beginning all your conversations with "Hey! How are you?" or beginning  your stories with Once upon a time -- weak. Do you get what I'm getting at?

It may be the "safe zones" of general literature but you know that this generation is way too developed to be playing with words that were considered original during a time when there were still dinosaurs! Times have changed, and so should your poetry!

The next round of Poetry is our Second Language is about to start! PSL is looking for a few committed brave souls who have always wanted to commit their poetry to print or audio. Interested? Then make sure to pre-register and clear your schedules!

Poetry is our Second Language (PSL) Curriculum developed, and program facilitated by Len Cervantes

PWYC or FREE for VIP Club Members Thursdays starting August 4 @7pm

@ Kapisanan 167 Augusta Ave

To pre-register email Subject: PSL

ABOUT Poetry is our Second Language Poetry is our Second Language (PSL) is a four-week poetry unit that will reveal that Poetry has been a part of who we are as Filipinos since the beginning of time until today, and is very much a part of our Filipino fabric. The workshop series will first introduce the traditional forms of Filipino poetry, including the Balagtasan and Filipino epic poetry. Upon having this background, the program will then move on to explore effective poetry writing and spoken word performance techniques. Finally, participants will be introduced to the Spoken Word/Poetry Scene in Toronto, as the workshop culminates with a final Slam performance at the 6th Annual Kultura Filipino Arts Festival on August 26-28.

This program is funded by the Arts Education Program of Ontario Arts Council.

Be inspired!