Represent: Give Up Tomorrow, A Filipino Documentary

Give Up Tomorrow, a feature documentary by Michael Collins & Marty Syjuco

Set amidst old world vestiges of colonialism, classism and backdoor politics, Give Up Tomorrow rivetingly exposes a Kafkaesque contemporary world of corruption and injustice. In a murder case that ends a nation's use of capital punishment, but falls to free an innocent man, two grieving mothers personify the chasms - both nightmarish in scope - that divide two families and, by extension, a nation.

Poster for Give Up TomorrowGive Up Tomorrow is a feature documentary film premiering in competition at Tribeca Film Festival in New York this month, and will premiere at Hot Docs Festival in Toronto next week!

Learn more about this documentary, check out their website! To donate to this cause, you can also go to their fundraising website.

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