Represent: Christine Mangosing, The Eye

Written by Brian Ejar, Marketing & Communications Intern

christine mangosing in black and white polaroid wearing thick-framed glassesChristine Mangosing will be facilitating the Visual Branding Workshop Saturday, April 30 @ 2pm

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "Man, Kapisanan's website looks totally clutch (meaning "awesome," in hip-speak), I wonder who made this?" Look no further, it's Christine Mangosing!

Christine is an LA-Manila-Vancouver raised, Toronto-based artist, who is currently employed as the Art Director for Canada's most widely distributed print music publication -  Exclaim! Magazine. She is also the founder of CMANGO Design.

She has created several visual identities for vast amounts of organizations in the Toronto arts & cultural sector: Artreach Toronto, our friends Carlos Bulosan Theatre & Pretty Freedom, Cahoots Theatre, Limitless Productions, etc. Other current & past clients that she has also worked with in the creative industry are Schools Without Borders, Manifesto Festival, Salon Escape, Times Neue Roman, Broad Way Sleep, Melissa Clemente Designs, Relative Space, and any more.

C'mon, just typing all this is making me exhausted. Christine definitely has the eye, the talent, and the tangible and visual proof to show it. Just look at all of Kapisanan's promo posters!

We love and admire Christine and especially love that fact that she is sharing her ideas and insights to the public. So we asked her, as a Filipino-Canadian artist, "Why is a place like Kapisanan important to young Filipino-Canadians?"

"A lot of young Filpino-Canadian artists I’ve met face a lack of support from their families in choosing to pursue the arts, much less choosing to pursue a career in the arts independently. It’s extremely important to pass on important lessons picked up along the way and be able to nudge someone in the direction of building a career out of something they love to do and not just something they’ve been told or think is the practical choice. Kapisanan's mentorship and artist incubation programs allow for this exchange while also cultivating a connection to rich cultural/historical roots, opening up a whole new realm of influence and inspiration to draw from."

Want to find more info about Christine? Check out her website:

Poster of Artrepreneur workshop, Jodee working out front kapisanan Christine will be facilitating KAPISANAN’s upcoming Visual Branding Workshop as part of the ARTREPRENEUR WORKSHOP SERIES. It is aimed at emerging entrepreneurs and designers who want to learn how they can utilize visual branding to create a unique and recognizable brand! It will give basic layout and photo editing tips to help artists create professional, polished, and sexy visual elements for their 'brand' i.e. business cards, leave-behind cards, and other promo materials.

VISUAL BRANDING WORKSHOP Graphic Design & Photo-editing Basics by Christine Mangosing APRIL 30, 2011 at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. @Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture 167 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON M5T 2L4

FREE for KAPISANAN V.I.P. Club Members! or drop-in for just $20

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