KARP: Lessons on Leadership II @ Enderun Colleges

The last talk we KARP artists were able to attend with Carlos was held in a college that offers a wide range of courses within the realm of  international hospitality management and business administration. It's the fairly new, but prestigious school of Enderun Colleges, located at one the most high-end new hubs in Manila, the Fort.

Carlos started off his talk with a refreshing video about his passion by WYD Productions:


Unlike in the first part of the Lessons on Leadership blog post, which was intended for a more mature, somewhat socially-conscious, borderline political audience, his talk this time was intended for a much younger and privileged bunch. They are bred and polished to become one of the front-runners of the industry. And it is safe to say that these students, when released into the real world, will significantly add to the representation of Filipinos not just in the local market, but also in the international field. They, like some of their counterparts in other established and top schools in the Philippines, will be holding a lot of deciding power in the future of the country.

With all these reasons, Carlos' talk went to a direction that encouraged the students to go out and explore the rest of the Manila and the entire country with a different perspective. The ironic thing about the Philippines is that, the more privilege you're born into, the more sheltered you're going to be raised all your life. As much as it makes complete sense, it's not going to help someone become an effective leader someday if they barely know anything about the country outside of gated communities and highly exclusive leisure centres.

Carlos shared his love for Manila, the art that he's devoting to Manila and the hardships that will unavoidably go along with one's pursuit of passion. There's so many fascinating things about the Philippines that most people in the country are not aware of. Although it is good, if not necessary in our day and age to be immersed in world culture, we still shouldn't forget our very own. Manila for one, has always kept such an exciting past that is being carried over to the present. An effective leader is someone who sees the big picture, which means that they have to see everything in its entirety -not just the areas that look somehow safe and picturesque.

We discussed that there's been an internal predicament with some people living that particular lifestyle because they were born and raised in a certain country but they can speak English better than any of the local languages. These people are a lot more familiar with some foreign country's geography, language, people and everything in their culture, that they sort of develop this weird "identity confusion" that is very similar with what Filipino-Canadians (Fil-Ams and etc.) are going through. I completely understand how that could happen, but the idea seems stranger because all of it is literally just beyond those tall, thick and concrete walls outside of their exclusive little community.

The talk was very well delivered by Carlos, who admitted that he shared a lot of similarities with the students in terms of their background. But he also enumerated the wonderful things he learned through-out the way as he was pursuing his life dreams. Some of the great things, he had to strive for, while some, simply landed in his lap as if it was just meant to be. Although it is advantageous to be born and raised privileged, leadership is not something that can be inherited like all the resources and influence.  It could perhaps land someone the position, but it will not be sustainable if the leadership was not truly earned.