KARP: FHM Balisong & Exploring Batangas

Different kinds of Balisong (pocket knife) from the Philippines

FHM stands for Filipino handmade (what were you thinking?). The knives above are Filipino handmade balisongs.

When I told my friend that i would be going to the Philippines, he was figuring out what he wanted me to bring him back; and a foldable knife is what he requested. I have to admit that i did not know a whole lot about them.

But I did do some research, and they are a specialty of the province of Batangas. And, it just so happened that on our way down to Tali beach, we stopped by the town of Taal, which is in Batangas. While checking out the colonial architecture, shops and cuisine, we came across some locals demonstrating how they make Balisongs. It was pretty amazing to see, and so I picked up one for my friend, and a couple as souvenirs of my trip to the Philippines.

I chose the gawdy brass one because the handle design was close to that of the Benchmade 42. I chose the wooden one, because I love wood, and it's nice and small, and i chose the horn (or is it bone?) handled one because I felt it had the most iconic feel of a butterfly knife.

More photos of Balisong-making and Batangas: