Represent: Char Loro, A Quadruple Threat!

Char Loro, round-face, long black hair, posing in a white & black striped dress.Char Loro will be facilitating the Goal Setting Workshop, April 16 @ 2pm

Don't let her size fool you. At 5-foot-everything, Char Loro can prove a lot with her consistency and her skills in self-exploitation of ideas. I mean, she's has been blogging since sliced-bread! From YouTube, to Twitter, to Facebook, to Flickr - this lady is all over the media world.

Char Loro is a Vancouver-raised, Toronto-based Filipina artist, currently studying at Ryerson University for their Radio and Television Arts Program. She is also employed as a social media, online relations, video blogger at Ryerson; had recently come back from Jamaica for documenting MC Masia One's journey to Manifesto JA, and is an intern for Much Music's Rap City and The Wedge. Talk about a quadruple-threat!

Char is clearly a proud independent artist. So we asked her, why is a place like Kapisanan important to young Filipino-Canadians?

"It is through Kapisanan that I met people who introduced me to the music, arts and culture scene here in Toronto, which in turn, helped me discover my place in it all. I always knew I was creative and artistic, but my community in Vancouver wasn't the right type of environment to act as the catalyst in my artistic growth..."

"I'll always look at Kapisanan as one of my main starting points, and what they do so well, is connect our heritage and culture to its relevancy in the arts, and to a young generation, most of which grew up here in Canada. I've never come across a hub of inspiration, culture, and creativity as I have at Kapisanan. I'll always have them to thank." - Char Loro

Want to find out more info about Char? Check out her project:

Artrepreneur Workshop Series

Char will be facilitating KAPISANAN's upcoming Goal Setting workshop as part of the Artrepreneur Workshop Series. She will be sharing tips and advice for those wishing to map out a path towards their aspiration.

GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP APRIL 16, 2011 at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. @Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture 167 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON M5T 2L4

FREE for KAPISANAN V.I.P. Club Members! or drop-in for just $10

-Brian Ejar, Marketing & Communications Intern