KARP: Lessons on Leadership I


A short video clip of Gang Badoy’s speech on leadership at a different forum

During our stay in the Philippines, we were able to tag along with Carlos Celdran in his discussions and one-man talks. In the first one that we attended with him, he was a part of was a talk show-type of discussion which proved to be a lot more entertaining than I expected. It was light-hearted, somewhat casual and included plenty of funny remarks about the not-so-funny state of the current Philippine society and the status of RH bill.

Each of the speaker contributed to the discussion, their ideas on what it takes to be an effective leader. All of them agreed that the first thing in being a leader is the ability to see the bigger picture, understand the common vision and determine the expertise of everyone you intend to lead. It's also important to have an exchange such that the leader is open-minded with the followers while they, in turn, resonate the vision of the leader. A good determinant of your effectiveness is also when you're not only winning the hearts of your followers, but also the trust and respect of your opposition.

One of the questions in which their answers differed was about how Filipinos in general prefer a leader that is very likable. One speaker said that it is important because we rely on vibes. Filipinos will not do anything with you if they don't like you. One of them suggested that if that is the case, then perhaps you should always be around someone who is likable- as to remedy the lack of public charisma you were not fortunate enough to possess. Carlos answered the question by questioning it. He said that likability doesn't always equate with effectiveness.


A short video clip of Gang Badoy's speech on leadership at a different forum

I believe it makes a lot of sense. Some of the most lovable leaders aren't the most effective, while some of the most difficult and feared ones come up with more accomplishments. Taking the whole "likability" factor too seriously have already led our country to a lot of problems. Whether we're voting for or deciding to follow someone, we should keep in mind that it's a leader we want, not a celebrity. Do we want to be challenged or  be pampered? Do we want to reach our ambition and improve our current state or do we  simply want to be entertained?