KARP: Guiwan, Zamboanga

Lechon roasting again, after over 20 years

For the week after Transitio, I took some time to visit family. My dad is from Zamboanga, and still has a lot of family there. The last time I was here was over 20 years ago. Stepping out of the plane, the airport is the same as I remembered it. My aunt and uncle greet me, and we head back to Guiwan. The once dirt road town is now paved and busy. They have a corner house of a busy street which is now populated with a pharmacy which was just a small convenience store as I remember it, a fish market which was once just a small nipa hut selling daily catches, and hardware store and pharmacy where there weren't before.

Zamboanga tricycles and jeepneys are much more colorful - taking on a quality much like vinta sails. Motorbikes seems to be more popular than cars on the street, and never once saw a taxi. New additions to the city which I got to see was the Paseo del Mar - a waterfront area populated with eateries and shops, it was night, and I was not able to catch a view of the vintas. The highlight for me was on my last day there. My aunt and uncle wanted to send me off with one last hurrah, and had a fiesta with relatives and friends. The main feature of the dinner was a lechon, which I got to see get prepared, dressed  and roasted on a spit. And I got to turn the spit, just like how I did over 20 years ago.