KARP: Ukay Ukay

For those who are interested in knowing, the word ukay ukay is Visayan, and literally means "to dig through."  One afternoon, I decide to Google  ukayx2 in Malate Manila, just to see if there's anything in walking distance of The Living Room. I was in luck, as a blog post pretty much mapped out directions to one near by. If you're ever near Robinsons Place Mall in Ermita, it's close by, at Santa Monica and Mabini. The store is two floors, with racks of green hangers of more womens wear than mens. After scouring the selection of clothes for men, I make my way to a second room of just bags and shoes.

For some time now, I have been weighing the pro's and con's of backpacks. For me backpacks have come to signify baon, books and pencil cases - all things related to student life, all things I like to think I am done with, but at the same time, for me it signifies a sense of youthfulness. So the stars aligned on that day when I came across the backpack below. Visvim is one of those elite and expensive streetwear Japanese brands, high quality items made in limited quantity. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it hanging from the ceiling. This particular model is a couple of years old, and has some slight wear, but a little age adds character.The price tag was 1200 pesos. After inspecting it, trying it on and determining if it was fake or not, I decided to bargain with the shop lady; and 600 pesos later, the bag was mine! You always hear of people getting lucky at the local Goodwill or Value Village finding high end vintage labels, and in a way, this was my Gucci bag score.