KARP: The Cultural Centre of the Philippines

Our visit to the Cultural Centre of the Philippines to meet Mr. Hermie Beltran, the head of Literary Arts Department and Ms. Karen Flores was fun, informative and motivating. I have to admit that the idea of meeting the head of Literary and Arts Deparment of CCP seemed intimidating at first, but I was surprised to find that they were very warm, accommodating and enthusiastic to share stories and information about the oldest arts and culture centre in the Philippines.

Ms. Karen Flores talked to us about how the Visual Arts Department works in the CCP. In spite of all the challenges they've faced over the years, they're still  patiently trying to develop the arts section. There are plans of exciting community immersion and out reach to the other parts of the country to encourage artists to continue their craft.

Mr. Hermie Beltran passionately discussed the quaint characteristics of Filipino literature. Just like any art form, our literature is just as colorful, rich and overly-dramatic as our entire Filipino history. I've always felt like most of the time, it seems like our society is magic realism in actuality. It's so stimulating in all aspects and everyday life is a source of inspiration for art. He also encourages exchange between Filipinos in other parts of the world and the ones that are here, in the Philippines. Being Filipino doesn't stop when you leave the country. You can be at the most remote area in the world but you can definitely still practice the culture whether consciously and unconsciously. Our diaspora outside the motherland will add to the texture of our rich visual and literary history.